Intro Class

The Introduction to Japanese Rope Bondage class is our entry level class for those curious to learn about the art of Shibari/Kinbaku and begin their journey. Even if you have a little experience already, it is still recommended to attend the Intro class for a full overview of the curriculum offered at the Toronto Kinbaku Salon and to gain a deeper understanding of the single column tie.

Students are welcome to attend this class by themselves, with a partner or pair up. The material is single person friendly and can be tied on your own ankles. Students are encouraged to bring their own rope if you have it. If not, The Salon has plenty of house rope for students to practice with.

The Intro Class includes:

  • A brief history of Japanese Rope Bondage and its rise in the West over the past decade
  • Who is Kazami Ranki-sensei?
  • Types of rope, applications and pros/cons
  • Rope bondage safety basics
  • Single column tie - how it’s executed and why it works.
  • Double column tie
  • Suspension demonstration
  • Free form creative session utilizing the material learned. 
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      Kazami-Ryu Shibari Level 1

      In this class, students will learn the Kazami-ryu chest harness. One of the most comfortable and stable chest harness's ever designed.

      Kazami-ryu takatekote (chest harness)

      • How to tie it and understand why you are tying it in this fashion.
      • Tension - why it's important and how to create it in the chest harness

      Safety and emergency procedures.

      • Identifying nerve paths and tying around them
      • what to do in emergency situations.

      Additional Curriculum: 

      • Futomomo (non suspension, 3 variations)
      • Connective Bondage
      • Rope Handling 

      Graduation is not necessarily just completing the class. Students must demonstrate the ability to consistently tie a suspension worthy 3 rope chest harness in 7 minutes and 30 seconds.


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        Kazami-Ryu Shibari Level 2

        Kinbaku Theory

        • Why are you tying/being tied? How do you achieve that?

        Partial Suspensions

        • Loading a harness
        • Suspension line execution
        • Physiology / Manipulating your partners movements


        • How to monitor your partner effectively
        • Nerve impingement, how to avoid it and how to deal with it
        • Circulation and how rope bondage affects it
        • Guiding your partner to the ground and safety
        • Emergency procedures

        Kazami- Ryu Koshi Nawa Hip Harness

        • Both 3 and 2 point variations


        • Crosslegged tie
        • Ebi - using the Takatekote and Agura

        Kazami Ryu hands free chest harness

        Graduation is not necessarily just completing the class. Students must demonstrate an ability to consistently tie a suspension worthy chest harness in less than 5:15 and show a solid understanding of upline handling and the ability to consistently tie the 3 and 2 point hip harness, Ebi (with Agura) and the hands free chest harness.


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        Kazami-Ryu Shibari Level 3

        In this class, students will use the material learned in Kazami-ryu level 1 and 2 to start doing suspensions safely, comfortably and with finesse.


        • Line Management
        • Monitoring Partner
        • Mitigating injury


        • Kazami style Yokozuri (Side suspension)
        • Kazami Style Hikakyuzuri (Postman/Running man Suspension)
        • Kazami Style Gyaku Ebi Tsuri (Face Down suspension)
        • Kazami Style Aoemuri Tsuri (Face up Suspension)
        • Kazami Style Mermaid Suspension
        • Kazami Style Strappado Side Suspension

        These suspensions will also require the learning of the following harnesses:

        • Tasuki (Half Mermaid)
        • Calf Binder
        • Strappado

        Graduation is not necessarily just completing the class. Students must demonstrate an ability to consistently tie these suspensions and their associated harnesses along with a solid understand of upline handling.


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        Kazami-Ryu Shibari Level 4

        In order to take this class, students must show a flawless understanding of tension and suspension line handling and a humble, respectful attitude towards the art and your partner.

        The Advanced Class covers the following forms:

        • Hishi Nawa (diamond chest harness) arm loading
        • Hojo Hishi Nawa (diamond chest harness) chest loading
        • Teppou Zuri (rifle harness suspension)
        • Ryouashizuri (double ankle suspension)
        • Kataashizuri (single ankle suspension)
        • Hishi Mermaid (diamond mermaid)
        • Kazami Style Futomomo (suspension worthy)
        • Single Point Futomomo Suspension 

        Once students have mastered these forms, they will move onto transitions and adapting forms to customize a tie.

        The Advanced Class also covers:

        • Advanced rope handling and body movement
        • Performance techniques
        • The psychology of rope
        • Suppression of ego
        • Reading your partner mid scene
        • Handling/processing mistakes and injuries


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