About Us

The Toronto Kinbaku Salon was founded with one purpose – To give people the opportunity to learn the sublime art of Japanese rope bondage in a safe, respectful environment under experienced instructors.

We offer a curriculum that ranges from light bondage (fun with rope and Intro class) for fun and play in the bedroom for the curious, through to multi-transition suspension bondage for the dedicated rope student.

The Salon also hosts weekly rope events. The Open and Sunday Salons are for anyone into rope to come and socialize with other rope people, practice and improve their rope skills and play in a rope centric inclusive environment.

Learn about the Toronto Kinbaku Salon's Instructors.


The History of the Toronto Kinbaku Salon

2013 - End of Sept
Osaka Dan (Known as Nawa-Kun at that time) turned a small bachelor apartment above The Hideout on Queen St W into the very first Toronto Kinbaku Salon. Starting out with four half pieces of Tatami and two points slung over the beam in the room. He created an awesome space for rope in Toronto. Starting with hosting parties and having some great rope scenes.

2014- March
Osaka Dan brought Kazami Ranki to Toronto for the first time and held a five day long intensive. This started Kazami Ranki’s connection with Toronto and The
Toronto Kinbaku Salon due to Osaka Dan being Kazami Ranki’s only gaijin Deshi at the time. Shortly after this visit, The Salon matured into the Kazami Ryu school with the four levels we know today. Within six months of opening the Kazami-Ryu School, the Salon was running five nights a week to accommodate the roster of students and was a fulltime job.This massive leap in The Salon's legacy would not have been possible without Morpheous sponsoring the Salon behind the scenes and making sure the rent was paid while the student roster was small and cashflow meagre. It was a mutually beneficial relationship, though. The Salon and it's management did much to assist in the administration and logistics of the yearly MBE.
This also set in motion the periodic visits by Kazami Ranki to Toronto that we still enjoy today

2014 - 2015
Osaka Dan with Kazami’s approval started having JD-66 and Cylr start helping with teaching at The Salon

2015 Nov
A sad time as Osaka Dan left Canada to eventually return to Australia. Osaka Dan has asked that it be known he "left Toronto due to chronic drug and alcohol addiction". At this point JD and Cylr assumed responsibility for maintaining the legacy created by Osaka Dan. JD and Cylr kept the classes and parties going

2016 April
Cylr moved on to other things and The Salon welcomed AJ to teaching.

2016 Sept
The Salon moved from our first home on Queen St W to our Second home on Spadina (across from Kensington Market) due to the building being sold.

2017 May
JD and AJ accepted the titles of Deshi to Kazami Ranki

2017 July
The Salon moved again for a better space on Parliament St.

2018 Nov
JD and AJ accepted the titles of Shihan
KJ accepted the title of Shihan-Dai and Deshi to JD and AJ

2022 December
The Salon had to leave the Parliament St address due to the building being sold. The Salon as a temporary measure was able to use The Birdhaus for a few fridays during its homelessness.

2023 March
The Salon was able to move into our current location with plans to be here for at least five years

2023 End of Sept
Our tenth anniversary


What is Kazami-Ryu: 

Kazami Ryu is the style of rope bondage named after the Rope Master of Osaka, Kazami Ranki, and is the style taught at the Toronto Kinbaku Salon.

Kazami Ryu focuses on safety, comfort and balance. These three factors, when practiced diligently, create a sense of security for the partner being tied. Through this sense of security, trust is developed. From this trust springs the deeper connection and understanding that many seek in the Art of Kinbaku.