Kazami Level 3 Class

Kazami Level 3 Class

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  • Pre-requisite of graduation from Kazami Level 2
  • Single Kazami Level 3 class (3 hours total)
  • 3-Class Kazami Level 3 package (9 hours total)
  • See Calendar for class availability
  • Classes are valid for 1 year from date of purchase
  • Any pre-purchased classes move with the student when you graduate to the next level (you do not have to pay a difference)
  • Each small group class has limited space. RSVP in order to attend a specific day

Kazami-Ryu Shibari Level 3

In this class, students will use the material learned in Kazami-ryu level 1 and 2 to start doing suspensions safely, comfortably and with finesse.


  • Line Management
  • Monitoring Partner
  • Mitigating injury


  • Kazami style Yokozuri (Side suspension)
  • Kazami Style Hikakyuzuri (Postman/Running man Suspension)
  • Kazami Style Gyaku Ebi Tsuri (Face Down suspension)
  • Kazami Style Aoemuri Tsuri (Face up Suspension)
  • Kazami Style Mermaid Suspension
  • Kazami Style Strappado Side Suspension

These suspensions will also require the learning of the following harnesses:

  • Tasuki (Half Mermaid)
  • Calf Binder
  • Strappado

Graduation is not necessarily just completing the class. Students must demonstrate an ability to consistently tie these suspensions and their associated harnesses along with a solid understand of upline handling.