Kazami-Ryu Shibari Level 1

Class Description

In this class, students will learn the Kazami-ryu chest harness. One of the most comfortable and stable chest harness's ever designed.

Kazami-ryu Takatekote (chest harness)

  • How to tie it and understand why you are tying it in this fashion.
  • Tension - why it's important and how to create it in the chest harness

Safety and emergency procedures

  • Identifying nerve paths and tying around them
  • what to do in emergency situations.

Additional curriculum

  • Futomomo (non suspension, 3 variations)
  • Connective Bondage
  • Rope Handling 

Graduation is not necessarily just completing the class. Students must demonstrate the ability to consistently tie a suspension worthy 3 rope chest harness in 7 minutes and 30 seconds.


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