Kazami-Ryu Shibari Level 4

Class Description

In order to take this class, students must show a flawless understanding of tension and suspension line handling and a humble, respectful attitude towards the art and your partner.

The Advanced Class covers the following forms:

  • Hishi Nawa (diamond chest harness) arm loading
  • Hojo Hishi Nawa (diamond chest harness) chest loading
  • Teppou Zuri (rifle harness suspension)
  • Ryouashizuri (double ankle suspension)
  • Kataashizuri (single ankle suspension)
  • Hishi Mermaid (diamond mermaid)
  • Kazami Style Futomomo (suspension worthy)
  • Single Point Futomomo Suspension 

Once students have mastered these forms, they will move onto transitions and adapting forms to customize a tie.

The Advanced Class also covers:

  • Advanced rope handling and body movement
  • Performance techniques
  • The psychology of rope
  • Suppression of ego
  • Reading your partner mid scene
  • Handling/processing mistakes and injuries


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