Kazami Level 2 Class

Kazami Level 2 Class

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  • Pre-requisite of graduation from Kazami Level 1
  • Single Kazami Level 2 class (3 hours total)
  • 3-Class Kazami Level 2 package (9 hours total)
  • See Calendar for class availability
  • Classes are valid for 1 year from date of purchase
  • Any pre-purchased classes move with the student when you graduate to the next level (you do not have to pay a difference)
  • Each small group class has limited space. RSVP in order to attend a specific day

Kazami-Ryu Shibari Level 2

  • Kinbaku theory
  • Why are you tying/being tied? How do you achieve that?

Partial Suspensions

  • Loading a harness
  • Suspension line execution
  • Physiology / Manipulating your partners movements


  • How to monitor your partner effectively
  • Nerve impingement, how to avoid it and how to deal with it
  • Circulation and how rope bondage affects it
  • Guiding your partner to the ground and safety
  • Emergency procedures

Kazami- Ryu Koshi Nawa Hip Harness

  • Both 3 and 2 point variations


  • Crosslegged tie
  • Ebi - using the Takatekote and Agura

Kazami Ryu hands free chest harness

Graduation is not necessarily just completing the class. Students must demonstrate an ability to consistently tie a suspension worthy chest harness in less than 5:15 and show a solid understanding of upline handling and the ability to consistently tie the 3 and 2 point hip harness, Ebi (with Agura) and the hands free chest harness.