Intro Class

Intro Class

The Introduction to Japanese Rope Bondage class is our entry level class for those curious to learn about the art of Shibari/Kinbaku and begin their journey. Even if you have a little experience already, it is still recommended to attend the Intro class for a full overview of the curriculum offered at the Toronto Kinbaku Salon and to gain a deeper understanding of the single column tie.

Students are welcome to attend this class by themselves, with a partner or pair up. The material is single person friendly and can be tied on your own ankles. Students are encouraged to bring their own rope if you have it. If not, The Salon has plenty of house rope for students to practice with.

The Intro Class includes:

  • A brief history of Japanese Rope Bondage and its rise in the West over the past decade
  • Who is Kazami Ranki-sensei?
  • Types of rope, applications and pros/cons
  • Rope bondage safety basics
  • Single column tie - how it’s executed and why it works.
  • Double column tie
  • Suspension demonstration
  • Free form creative session utilizing the material learned. 

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