Couples Intro to Rope Class - Sunday Feb 12 (66 Fraser Ave)

Couples Intro to Rope Class - Sunday Feb 12 (66 Fraser Ave)

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Cost is Per Couple. 


This class is perfect for couples new to rope who would like to experience the intimate connection of rope and learn some fun ties for the bedroom.


Even if you have a little experience already, this class will help you gain a deeper understanding of basic ties and the many fun, romantic and sexy ways rope can be used to tie up your partner.


This event is for couples. Participants are encouraged to bring their own rope if they have it. If not, The Salon has plenty of house rope for students to practice with. Have questions? Take a look at our Stuff to Know page or ask us: 


The Toronto Kinbaku Salon's Couples Intro to Rope Bondage Class includes:


Types of Rope, applications and pros/cons

Rope Bondage safety basics

Double column tie

Hands behind tie


Putting it all together in a tie-along rope experience

Free form creative session utilizing the material learned.