Toronto Kinbaku Salon COVID re-opening news:

We are partially re-opening under stage 3 provincial guidelines:

Toronto Kinbaku Salon Re-Opening Plans:

  • Kazami Level 1 to level 4 classes will resume as of Aug 4th with up to 2 couples per class. We will continuously monitor and re-evaluate the capacity of the space with safety in mind.
  • Intro Class will resume as of Aug 7th with limited spots.
  • Fun with Rope will resume at a TBD date with limited spots.
  • Open Salon & Sunday Salon will not be available to the public at this time, we will wait until we feel there is a safe way/format to do this.

Like in rope itself, there is never a 100% assurance of safety with COVID. All we can do is take reasonable precautions. Covid changes:

  • RSVP In Advance is now mandatory for attendance to *ALL* classes and events at Salon, and we will strictly enforce capacity limits for physical distancing.
  • Temperature Check will be performed on entry with a contact-less thermometer.
  • Registration for contact tracing will be required before entry. This will be done in a way that maximizes privacy, and records will be destroyed after 28 days.
  • Face masks required.
  • Sheets - attendees will be asked to bring a sheet to be used as a barrier between you and your rope, and the tatami. Your rope should only touch your tying partner and the sheet.

New Salon rules during the COVID pandemic

These rules will probably evolve over time. So please check back. Last updated July 1st, 2020.

Current recommendations by the government / health departments are always the first rules to be followed. Please remember if you aren’t feeling well: Stay home.

Toronto Kinbaku Salon Specific Rules

  • Registration for events will be required (either via the website or via email to
  • When arriving you may have to wait a few minutes after buzzing to be let in to avoid congestion at the entrance/exit
  • A sheet is now required to be placed on the tatami to act as a barrier between you, your partner, your rope - and the tatami. Your rope should only touch your tying partner and the sheet.
  • Rope should preferably be coiled at home after tying but in any case never off the sheet.
  • The fridge is now off limits. Room Temp Water will still be available but please bring your own reusable water bottle to minimize potential cross contamination. 
  • There will be no communal/shared food/treats (this one really sucks)
  • There will be a limit to Hashira's, staff must be asked prior to using any posts in your ties. No tying off to them during other scenes.
  • There will be no bamboo allowed (this one sucks too, space issue)
  • Use your own carabiners when at all possible.
  • The front room will no longer be available for use.
  • Student rope will only be available for intro and level one classes and will only be used once per week. It will not be available for open or Sunday salons. Rope to purchase will be available.